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Online store

We build multilingual online stores fully compatible with mobile devices with impressive design and impeccable behavior towards the visitor. By choosing our team to create your new online store, you are sure that you have all the methods of payment and shipping, in order to successfully complete the receipt of the order. In addition to the proper display of your products and services, we use special tools and techniques to ensure that the passing visitor becomes your new loyal customer. We do search engine optimization, we create and manage social media campaigns, we link your store to Google Shopping, Facebook Shops, Instagram Shopping etc. Our customers are supported daily by software engineers to ensure that your online store operates smoothly.


Unique characteristics

Import & Update Products

If you have a commercial application with which you invoice and manage your warehouse or a simple excel file, we are able to export and format all the information, in order to easily and quickly import it into your new online store.

Quick search

One of the most important tools to help your customers find products is search. Our search tool has a complete search of all your data, product & supplier codes, special features, descriptions, etc.

One step checkout

Completing the order in a single step - one page, where the customer is asked to fill in his details and choose the method of payment and shipping, without additional steps and with zero complexity.

Shipment management

The customer has the ability through his account to be informed about the product shipping, receiving additional notifications by email or SMS.

User login with Facebook or Google account.

To enter the online store but also to complete the order, the user is given the option to create a new account with two moves, which will be identical to the account he uses in the most popular social networks.

Detailed sales statistics

We link your online store with Google Analytics, to know the turnover, the number of orders and products sold and the source of the sale, in order to be able to predict the next step that will lead to increased your sales .

Loading speed

We have powerful servers on datacentres with certified security and backup automations. By using special tools and techniques, we make sure that your online store loads really fast.

Technical support

In a professional and completely human way, we take care to communicate directly with our customers, in order to prevent any problem that may arise in the shortest possible time.

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